As we begin to emerge from pandemic life, research is showing that consumer trends are driving new online search and e-commerce opportunities.  With approximately 32% of Americans fully vaccinated, changes are happening and creating new opportunities for those companies who largely benefit from online search.

Companies can expect to bounce back in the following areas:

Local Search – Dining

While pandemic trends saw an increase in take-out related searches and a decrease in dine-in related phrases, that trend is now reversing as states begin to open.

Hospitality and Travel (Hotels, flights, rental cars, etc)

Head keywords are seeing upward trends, especially words such as “hotels” and “cheap hotels.”  Domestic flights searches are seeing a more dramatic increase than international travel, although there is more volume in international flights keyword phrases.  This is a clear indication that while families are eager to get together, they are sticking within domestic travel lines.

Digital Transformation

Many businesses have turned to doing internal business online such as video conferencing and calls rather than in person meetings.  While this area has taken a turn, we are also seeing that demand remains drastically higher than we’ve seen in the past.

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